Post Script!

Hello All!!!  For those of you that aren’t on Face Book I wanted to let you know that Marc and I are safely at home in Ottawa….freezing our asses off, but home!   Yesterday we enjoyed a few snow flurries and today we managed to get outside for a delightful 40 minute walk in our 6 degree temperature that feels like 0!!!   I am not actually complaining, simply being a smart-ass.  I am grateful for what we have, that we are safe and sound and that we love where we live (apartment), and that all our loved ones continue to be healthy and safe.

I have been missing my blog, especially the photo aspect, and this morning I thought it would be fun to do one last entry and add a bunch of colourful photos, simply to send them out into the universe.  No captions, no particular order, simply photos that I enjoyed taking and am happy to share.

Happy Easter to all of you.


14 thoughts on “Post Script!

  1. Lovely pics of a wonderful journey.


    1. We certainly live wonderful lives, don’t we!


  2. Thank you for this last look at that wonderful region of Portugal!


    1. I look forward to sharing it with you in person some day. At least parts of it! Keep safe.


  3. Randy and Marc, so glad you’re home safe and sound. Shock to the system to come home to the cool air, the buds still sleeping and the ground still waiting for the warmth of the sun to spring forth the colour and fragrance of spring flowers. How did I do, tried to sound as smooth and intoxicating with words just like you.

    Your picture are beautiful, 3 struck me , the second one, the one with the outdoor kitchen and the sheep. Patrick and I are well, missing the hugs but see my kids virtually. I will definitely be emotional when I can finally hold them again. I ‘m keeping in touch with family on what’s app. Pat and I walk every day and I do work out videos made by my instructor from class. We’ve worked on puzzles played cards and catching up on Netflix series. We are all healthy and well, that to me is my greatest blessing. Hopefully we’ll get together soon. Miss your face. Sending some pictures of my kids. Love you, hugs to you both.

    On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 11:12 AM Marc and Randys Travel Adventures wrote:

    > canadianboystravel posted: “Hello All!!! For those of you that aren’t on > Face Book I wanted to let you know that Marc and I are safely at home in > Ottawa….freezing our asses off, but home! Yesterday we enjoyed a few > snow flurries and today we managed to get outside for a delight” >


    1. Hello my friend, am sending you a private email


  4. I would bet there’s a few of us missing your blog. Thanks for the beautiful photos on a chilly Good Friday. Happy Easter to you and Marc and stay healthy!


    1. You and Fred as well Debbie………we’ll get travel days again in the future I hope!


  5. Happy Easter weekend. Thank you for letting your non-Facebook book friends know that you are safe and settling in at home 😉. Only in Canada can you be wearing a t shirt in the garden one day and in less than 24 hours watch the snow fall. I’m fine if that is all I have to complain about. We are good here. Thankful to be able to say that. Big hugs to you both Susan


    1. Happy Easter to you and yours as well. Got our for our first walk today but thankfully I have my Nordic Track ski machine and I still, after 24 years, love using it. I call it the Sanity Machine. Stay safe and well.


  6. Lovely photos of your time in Portugal & thanks for sharing! Happy Easter to you and Marc.


    1. Same to you Joannie…..hope the Easter Bunny finds you!


  7. Even though I know you and Marc are home safely, I really enjoyed seeing your photos again, revisiting some places in my memory, seeing your old and new friends in such warm and lovely sunshine, and of course, the Algarve’s beautiful flowers, landscapes, unique architecture and beasties! Well done! Thanks for the memories! Hopefully you will be back in your ‘home away from home’ safely for another winter!


    1. Thanks, I’m happy it brightened up your day if only for a few minutes. We too have our fingers crossed that we can return to our paradise sooner rather than later. Time will tell.


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